A method where a solid tamp bar is used to distribute the material evenly. This may look like a simple task,  however this takes a great deal of experience and skill to get it right. Our handpicked and highly trained team have developed these skills over a substantial period of time and are able to achieve a high tolerance finish first, time every time. We would typically recommend a hand lay finish for smaller less complex projects without compromising on quality of finish.

An innovative method where a machine is used to achieve the optimal finish for larger floor areas that cannot compromise on flatness or level. We only use state of the art laser guided equipment with highly trained and experienced operators to ensure that finish tolerances are achieved to FM2 standards. We would typically recommend a laser screed finish for warehousing and factory floors or anywhere that a perfect level is required. 

A cost effective method of finishing where a laser screed cannot be used it provides the perfect balance of the quality of a laser finish and the cost effectiveness of a hand lay system. Metal rails are positioned to guide the finishing float to achieve the same high tolerance levels of a laser screed without the additional cost of the machinery. We would typically recommend a rail system where access or formwork restrictions prohibit the use a laser screed.

A method of finishing that combines the effectiveness of a float with added vibration to ensure a perfectly smooth finish to high tolerance levels. Effectively consolidating stiffer mixes reducing manpower and placement labour, whilst improving the structural integrity of the concrete. We would typically recommend this method were a stiffer mix is used which requires highly effective compaction and floating and a perfect finish to high standards.

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